Boot Fedora Core faster

As previously noted, I run Fedora Core 4 on my HP Compaq nx7010 laptop and recently I saw an article on modifying Fedora to boot in under 25 seconds.

While I havn’t yet gone to the lengths the artcile author did I did enable the GDM early login mode and disable a few services I don’t use. I’d already done a little of this but decided to be a little more brutal on what actually _needed_ to be running all the time. I can always start services temporarily as I need them.

From my grub boot prompt to login prompt it now only takes my laptop ~42 seconds. It was around a minute and ten seconds before.

Nearly a 30 second saving. Sweet. I doubt very much that I’ll get it much faster unfortunately. Not without rewriting much of the SysV init scripts in FC4 to be parrallel. My laptop has a fairly slow hard disk and is ony a 1.7ghz Centrino with 512MB of RAM.

Still, a 30 second improvement is better than nothing. Incidentally Windows XP on the same hardware takes 30 seconds to boot from grub to welcome screen/login prompt. With my iPod and USB external HDD connected Windows XP takes 45 seconds to boot, Linux doesn’t seem to be effected one way or the other by the USB devices.

All times were recorded with my watch’s stop watch. The times also don’t include the time it takes my Laptop to powerup, POST, and load grub. Nor the 3 second auto-timeout at the grub boot menu. That process adds about another 10 seconds to the process.


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