Batman Begins

Went to see Batman Begins with Ray and Vaughn tonight. All I can say is, forget the campy Clooney movies, this one rocks.

Batman & Robin was the movie version of the 60’s TV series. Batman Begins, on the other hand, is a complete “reboot” of the movie franchise and it gets pretty much everything right from the get go.

Christian Bale does a very good job of playing the Batman and Bruce Wayne characters, Liam Neeson does the reasonable job with his “mentor” character, and Katie Holmes is cute enough that you don’t mind her phoning in a performance. Michael Caine is excellent as always.

The movie isn’t without its flaws though. The “nemesis” character is kept ‘secret’ until near the end of the movie, but you can easily guess who it is from right at the beginning of the film.

The fight scenes are too “old school” with lots of cuts and close shots so you don’t actually get to see anything. The fighting at the beginning of the film between Henri Ducard and Bruce Wayne is better though still suffers from tight shots and cuts.

However, even with flaws, it is much better than a lot of other recent comic book movies. Probably even better than the Spider-Man movies. Certainly the best Batman movie made so far. Hopefully DC and Warner Brothers can keep Christopher Nolan on to direct another. He certainly didn’t fuck this one up. Not entirely unexpected though. His previous films were all pretty good too.

I note from IMDb that the writer, David S. Goyer, is doing the script to the sequel. David also wrote the Blade movies which were ok. He’s also written the Ghost Rider script. I might have to check that out. I’ve only got one Ghost Rider comic and it features Howard the Duck. Lets hope Howard doesn’t feature in the movie. Even though I do have fond memories of watching the Howard the Duck movie as a child.

Ghost Rider has some interesting credits. Nicolas Cage is playing the lead. While David S. Goyer is writing the movie, his writing partner, and the director of the film, is Mark Steven Johnson. Mark wrote and directed Daredevil which sucked…. this could swing either way.

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