Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & Hot Coffee ‘Sex’ Minigame.

You may have seen in the media the hoopla over Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the “Hot Coffee” modification. For those of you now familiar with this, Hot Coffee is a game patch mod that re-enables a sex minigame in the retail version of GTA: SA. The central character has sex with his girlfirend and you control the action. I’ll might point out that both participants in this on screen “action” are fully clothed and the graphics in GTA: SA is far from realistic.

Of course conservative elements of the US population are jumping all over this. And the ESRB has revoked GTA: SA’s “M” (17+) rating and given it an “AO” (18+) rating. The author of GTA: SA, Rockstar, is remastering the game without the hidden minigame.

Now I’d like to make a few points clear:

* The mini-game is less raunchy than a copy of FHM or Maxim magazine.
* The game was disabled in the retail code. Without modifying the game’s binary you can’t play the “sex” mini-game.
* The game already gives you the ability to randomly mass murder people in the streets, perform breaking and entering “missions”, do drive bys gangsta style, steal cars and generally cause untold mayhem and distruction with wanton disregard for reality.
* More facts here

Yet because it has a badly pixelised pseudo-sex scene in it, all of a sudden, it is not suitable for our “children”. Oh pahleeeeease. Conservatives (and liberals going after soccer mom votes, eh Hillary) in the US need their heads checked. The main stream (and even semi-main stream) media also need to pull their heads in and let this die the death it deserves.

However, there is one good thing to come of this, it has been a a little lesson to the games industry. If you don’t want your game content misused and abused by curious hackers, do a delete op on the unused resources in Alien Brain before you build your gold master! How hard is that?


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