Fedora Core 4.

Finally got provided with a workstation at work today and managed to get Fedora Core 4 installed on it after a coupe aborted attempts. Some extremely weird Anaconda crash relating to setting up LVM. No idea why this happened and the problem went away with a couple retries. Odd.

Once installed though I was fairly impressed. It doesn’t look too different to FC3, obviously, but the new theme is pretty. Better than the BlueCurve theme introduced way back in RH9 (or was it 8?). Though I hear that there has not been a port of the theme to QT so KDE apps look a little out of place.

Hopefully my work experience with it will put me in good stead to upgrade my laptop. The frankenstein of a distro it is currently running needs to be blown away.

Which brings me to the bane of my day. Something very weird was going on with Firefox on my Laptop and the Monash intranet. For some reason Firefox just plain refused to remember my HTTP Auth credentials and prompted me for them on nearly every page. I did also sorts of things to try and get it to work. Even blew away my profile and tried installing the freshly released version 1.0.5. Didn’t make an iota of a difference. Mozilla on the otherhand worked perfectly. WEIRD!


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