Mr. Fantastic

Half price movie night again… Went to see Fantastic Four with Ray and Vaughn. Another US “summer blockbuster”. Interesting enough to look at, Jessica Alba is hot, special effects were passable, etc, but not a lot of substance to the bulk of the film. Though I guess that was really to be expected.

I found the dialog in the early plot setup scenes really forced and 1960’s “comic-booky”. “Holy footy socks down the jocks Batman!” The rest of the film was also a little slow to build up to the climactic end sequence. The characters were really cliched and 2 dimensional as well. True to the F4 comics then I suppose. 🙂

The one redeeming feature of the movie was the comedy. I’ve not read the F4 comics so I don’t know exactly how true this is to them but a number of lines managed to get the audience chuckling. Not so much that the movie became a farse though.

In the end I give it a 2 out of 5.


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