Broadband cometh…

I signed up with Internode broadband today. Only the SOHO 256k FlateRate plan as I’m trying to keep my costs down, (ha that’s funny, my money is disappearing faster than I ever imagined). Hopefully it’ll be setup by next week sometime. Might take two weeks though. The pain of suffering dialup is begining to take it’s toll.

As a side effect of signing up for a DSL based broadband service I had to buy a DSL modem/router. My laptop has 802.11g wireless so I wanted to get a Wireless device (cables suck). I’ve had good experiences using Linksys devices in the past so I bought a WAG54G (Version 2) device. This is a Wireless Router, 4 port switch, and ADSL2+ combo device. Internode will hopefully soon be offering ADSL2 service in my area so I’ll be fully prepared.

In my search for an online shop to buy this device from I stumbled across This is a site similar in nature to Very handy for finding out who has the cheapest hardware for sale. Hopefully saved myself a bundle of notes by buying from Warcom who were listed as having the cheapest WAG54G for sale. Actual price on Warcom’s site was even cheaper than that listed on ShopBot. Hurrah. Free delivery too.


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