PS3 Hard Disk Sold Separately?

Recent reading, such as this article at IGN has indicated to me that the PS3 will not be shipping (at least initially in Japan) with a Hard Disk. I think this is a mistake.

While the XBOX 360 will only come with a 20GB HDD by default it is at least a standard component. Hopefully the next generation of games will make better use of the HDD unit in the X360. I’ve certainly seen some missed opportunities this generation.

I’m really sick of loading screens. Particularly in games like KOTOR and Jade Empire. And it cuts even deeper when you know that your console has a HDD and the developer is ignoring it.

Even loading in first person shooters gets irritating at times. Games like GTA show that even without a hard disk it is possible to create a load screen free game. Halo also demonstrated how to effectively use a hard disk to almost eliminate loading from a first person shooter.

Come on guys! Death to the load screen! On this particular issue I entirely agree with the nutcases at Nintendo!


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