Modems suck. Winmodems doubley so.

Today I decided I needed an Internet connection at home. Treking all the way out to Ray’s place in Albert Park in order to leech off his broadband was getting a little weak. So I’ve signed up with a cheap little plan from Dodo Internet. Ray’s rationale for choosing Dodo went something along the lines of, “they have an attractive girl on their TV ads”, I on the other hand figured that $1 for the first month, only $9.95 there after, and a free 128MB MP3 player were more rational reasons to choose Dodo. Also being ab le to sign up instantly online helped a lot.

So now I am at home, connected at something approximating 56kbps. God is it slow. Of course actually getting connected wasn’t cookies and cream either. Being a Linux geek meant I had to do battle with my Winmodem.

Fortunately before I left New Zealand I had dome some research into what spastic hardware HP had decided to put into my nx7010 Laptop. Turns out that it is basically just a sound card and some fancy software. Fortunately the kindly chaps at SmartLink have released Linux drivers & software for the device. Huzaah!

After a little hacking I got the device working reliably. Though when I tried to connect I was promptly defeated by a “NO DIALTONE” response. *sigh*. A quick reboot to Windows, a hunt around on the Internet for the Hayes command codes, and armed with the ATX3 command code, to disable dialtone detection, I was back in business.

So in retrospect, not a complete catastrophe.


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