New digs.

Took possession of my new apartment today. It’s in Flinders Lane in downtown Melbourne. Not a bad place. Quite large for a single bedroom apartment. Seperate lounge, bedroom, en-suite, and reasonable sized kitchen area. Only real downsides are that it is a little dark and a little noisey. But you get that living in a big city’s CBD.

Ma an Pa turned up the other day on their tour of Oz and mother was angling to help me buy furniture for the apartment. I guess she was in dire need of some retail therapy where she didn’t actually have to spend any money.

So today it was off to IKEA with us. IKEA is a fascinating place. A one stop shop for all things homey. Women must have a ball in this place, as evidenced by the hordes of them in the store trailing beleaguered spouses. Carolyn certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. Ted seemed lost.

I went about selecting a bed and other essential items and emerged 4 hours later with great swarths of gear and feeling $1600 odd lighter.

We packed all the gear in the parents mobile home and returned to my apartment to unload. Bewildered passers by stopped to gork and have a cigarette or two.

Once everything was safely stowed in my new digs, I bid farewell to my parents and returned to Ray’s place for my last night on his “comfy” couch.


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