More loot…

Do not take me to, or let me near, a games store when there is a sale on. I was wandering down town after my interview at Robert Walters (see previous post) and I came across EB Games. Now in Australia the financial year ends on the 30th of June, so every major chain store is having a big sale. You know, 30 to 50% off. Everywhere there are signs screaming “buy our shit, please buy our shit”! Now this is great if you need stuff and want a bargin. But when you have a very bad “game habit” like me this is not good.

I ended up walking out with a much lighter wallet. I purchased:

* Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (XBOX)
* Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (XBOX)
* Alien Hominid (XBOX)
* Yoshi: Touch & Go (NDS)
* Half Life 2 (PC)
* A Logitech Laptop mouse.

All of which are pretty good games (more detailed reviews coming later). Alien Hominid is particularly cool. Very retro, very Metal Slug.

My HP nx7010 Laptop can even actually play Half Life 2 at a reasonable frame rate, as long as I keep the textures at medium and the resolution at 800×600. I was quite surprised to tell the truth. I half expected it to be nearly unplayable. I guess the Radeon 9200 Mobility has some weetbix afterall. Even if only a 2 piece serving.


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