Flat hunting.

After the events of last night I managed to crawl, bleary-eyed, out of my sleeping bag at 10:15am. After quickly consuming 4 slices of “Wonder White” and Jam, a quick shower I dashed for the tram to the city.

The tram trip was unusually eventful. An elderly lady, probably in her late 80’s, got up to pull the “let me off the damn tram cord” when the tram suddenly breaked to avoid a car. She was quite short, hunched, and carrying shopping so this of course sent her tumbling. Super-orj lept into action! Or at least tried. I went to help her back up and was promptly brushed aside as ineffectual by other concerned passengers. Ah well, never mind.

Once in the city I ran at pace (for a bit at least) for Flinders Lane in a desperate attempt to get to find number 358. After overshooting it and having to run back a way I finally managed to arrive only 5 minutes after the supposed end of the appartment inspection time. However fortunately I managed to almost run directly into the Real Estate agent. After a surly “your late” comment she decided to show me the place anyway. Another pleasent lady was also late and she had a look a the place too.

On the whole I was fairly impressed with the flat. “Only” $250AUD a week and quite large. Certainly larger than the, $200AUD a week, shoe box sized place I had inspected the previous Tuesday. You could actually swing a cat in this one. However I will require more in the way of furniture which brings up the price. *sigh*

Afterwards I walked around in circles trying to get my bearings again. After finaly acertaining my direction I stumbled up to Russell St to the new QV Appartment building and pretended I could affored one. A nice short Asian fellow showed me a few of the units available for lease. All were fantastic and likewise was my fantasy that I could afford one.

Afterwards I headed to Tech Books on Spencer Street and purchased Beginning Maths and Physics for Game Programmers. In the store I ran into another hobby game programmer also purusing the isles. I briefly engaged him in conversation. Perhaps I’ll spend more time there and met other hopefuls I can “network” with.

On the whole a good start to the day.


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