Bugger, alcohol is fun.

Last night was a wee bit of a bender.

The evening started well. Ray, George and I were going out to meet and have dinner with Gareth and Amelia and some of Amelia’s mates. However due to some “issues” amoungst the girls things became a bit of a no show. Us three chaps didn’t mind though, while we were waiting for G and A to turn up we had already begun what turned out to be an impromptu pub crawl.

We started at an Irish pub I forget the name of, Paddy O’Briens or something. Moved on to the Camel Bar while we waited for G and A. After it became apparent that everyone else was a no-show we moved on to somewhere else I forget the name of that was full of lonely old geezers. After a quick pint or two we moved on to an english bar called the Elephant and Wheelbarrow (I think). The band, Nitro, was not very good and the crowd unappealing so we moved on to a Japanese bar which I also do not remember the name of. I did have a nice glass of Asahi though. Finally we landed in a nice little lounge bar named Spleen, only stopping briefly to partake in some low-rent Chinese restaurant called the King of Kings.

At Spleen I proceeded to get very intoxicated. During said intoxication I met a very friendly gay man who I promptly sent on his way. However that “chance encounter” did lead me somewhat paradoxically to three lovely young ladies. They were medical students, one was German. That is about all I remember. We had a nice long conversation. They didn’t appear to be overly intoxicated so I no doubt appeared extremely loud and boorish. Ah well you can’t win them all.

After scaring the girls away we stumbled to taxi’s to go home. Upon arrival I promptly purged the contents of my stomach onto my shoes and collapsed on the couch.

Today I woke up still drunk, fell asleep again, and eventually crawled off the couch with a whopper of a hang-over.

“Never again”, I cry weakly. Yeah right.


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