The meniors of a man stuck in transit.

l arrived at 4pm local Fiji time. After quickly disembarking from the plane the first thing you notice is the extreme temprature difference between the plane and Fiji.  It was 32 degrees in the shade and quite humid.

After a short stomp along the raised causway we entered the, thankfully air conditioned, Nadi airport terminal and were greeted by a roudy group of local musicians. Probably the usual airport treatment in Fiji.  I think if we greeted every international flight that set down in NZ with a Haka a lot of visitors might want to get back on their planes.

I had to wait for an offical to turn up at the transit transfer desk.  I was the only passenger transfering.

The attendent was fairly incredulous that I wished to spend the next six and a half hours of my life in the transit lounge.  After I had convinced him that I was truely insane he politely let me in.

It is now 6pm.  The transit lounge is  deserted.  The day shift has headed home.  The duty free and snack bar staff have all locked up and left.  Supposedly it will all open again at 7pm.  What a time to get hungery. I’m starving.

Shops finally opened again at 8pm. I was finally able to eat something.


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