The language we use gives value to our ourselves and our creations.

I was reading about the thefts of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Halo 2 on the web today and something struck me when I read the quote, “the proper authorities … are continuing to investigate all possible leads to ensure there is no further dissemination of our creative content”.

“Creative content”? What the hell is “creative content”? Work you mean, someone stole your work. Content is a word of the 90s. Everything on the web screamed content this, content that, it was all about the content. The 90s have past yet we still hang on to this word. I believe we should cease to use the word content to describe peoples creative endeavour. The word content is meaningless and belittles our work as creative people. It screams out from the corporate machine, to artists and programmers, “you don’t matter, you’re replaceable, its our product, you just create content, we control you”.

On the other hand “work” is a much more meaningful word, a word that connects with peoples emotions. It is concrete, something anyone can understand. As a verb it means to exert strength or faculties, to toil. As a noun it means that which is produced as the result of labor. As developers and artists we work to develop games, and we work hard.

If we acquiesce and subjugate ourselves to the word “content” over what it truly is, our work, so will others, and forever will we be preyed upon by those who do not value us, or our work.


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