Nightshade by Sega – 5 Minute Demo Review

The good:

  • Buxom big bummed babe.
  • Groovy drum and base sound track.
  • Fast paced, stylish, combo driven combat.
  • Lots of blood and gore.

The bad:

  • The level graphics are quite dull. A problem Shinobi suffers from too.
  • The enemy monster designs arn’t very exciting. Again an area in which Shinobi didn’t excell.
  • Cheesy dialogue – typical of most Japanese games, again like Shniobi.

The ugly:

  • The camera. I never really liked Shinobi’s camera system and Nightshade hasn’t change in that regard.

Nightshade is the sequal to Shinobi on the PlayStation 2 and as such it shares much that was both good and bad about its predecessor. Purchase potential? Low, I’ve still not finished Shinobi.


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